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TUESDAY, 7/31 at 7:00


In our first semifinal game, we find ourselves with a rematch of last year's championship series which saw Navy come out successful, needing only 2 games to win another hoodie.  This time around though, Black will have their most valuable player still in the US.  Mike Wilson has proven to be a guy that Black can lean on when they need a clutch 3 or a crucial bucket down the stretch and he was definitely missed last summer.  With him back, this game will be very close, especially with the way Labick has been shooting recently.  Labick is shooting at an all time low and must find his shot before Tuesday night's game.  If he can accomplish this, Navy should be heading back to the championship series to defend their title.  If not, the scoring of Navy will rely on Josh and Krump, easing the work load on defense for Black, worrying about 2 scoring threats instead of 3.  Parish and company will be ready for whatever situation presents itself come Tuesday night.

Tom: 68 - 62 Navy

Quirus: 58 - 53 Black

Cherry: 60 - 59 Navy

Polisi: 66 - 60 Black

Stank: 62 - 60 Navy

TUESDAY, 7/31 at 8:00


Interesting enough, we have another championship rematch in the other semifinal game.  In this game, we have a rematch of the 2016 championship series, which saw Danny D and his team successfully take down the duo of Boyle and Brennan in 3 games.  But back in 2016, these teams looked very different.  Danny D did have Timmy Smith but this year, he added the ROY Sean Simon along with Jon Conklin.  Boyle is still going to war with Brennan on his side but has lost notable 3 point shooter Tom Cooney while adding Matt O'Hara and DJ Peterson.  In the game on Tuesday though, we are focusing on a couple things.  The first is the scoring of Baby Blue.  We know Timmy and Sean are going to get their 15-20 but where will the rest of their scoring come from.  Boyle will probably matchup against Danny and Brennan against Conklin so Baby will need someone else to score other than those 2.  The other thing we are looking at is the loooong layoff for the Teal team.  It has been 2 and a half weeks since Teal last played.  How long will it take for them to get going not just on the offensice end of the floor, but on the defensive end as well.  If it takes more than a couple trips up and down the floor, Teal could be in trouble.

Tom: 76 - 71 Teal

Quirus: 65 - 61 Baby

Cherry: 62 - 55 Teal

Polisi: 74 - 65 Teal

Stank: 65 - 53 Teal

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