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Championship Preview


Championship Preview

It’s the B League championship and it’s a matchup of the top 2 teams from the regular season. 1 seed Teal, led by captain Augie Legido, is all set to take home a hoodie and end their Houston season with only 1 loss. 2 seed Navy Blue led by Captain Chris Stoff, is back looking to complete what they failed to do last season. We have a battle of defense vs offense and it’s going to be a good one. Before we make our predictions lets break down the rosters.

Guards: Augie Legido, Ben, Zach Malher VS Chris Mac, Johnny Stoff, Chris Stoff

Augie Legido: Teals captain has made his mark in every game he played this season. He was 1st team all Houston and in serious talks for the MVP. He is on of the best hustlers in the league, but his game is all about the 3 pointers. He was the league’s best 3-point shooter and he is guaranteed to find his way on the score sheet with a couple 3-point buckets.

Ben: Ben’s play is like another Ben Sixers fans should know except for this Ben can and will hurt you from the 3-point line. He specializes in the corner 3 but like Ben Simmons, he likes to use some moves to get to the basket. Ben is one of the best ball handlers in the league.  

Zach Malher: He is the most improved player for a reason. Zach can handle the ball with the best of the league and he can score when needed. Zach loves to get to the basket with his signature hesitation move. He also knows when to give the ball up and rack up the assists. He can also lock down opposing guards on d. He his an all-around threat.

Chris Mac: B league MVP. Chris Mac is Navy’s PG and he makes an impact in every aspect of the game. He can score from anywhere on the floor. He can lock down anybody on D. He can rebound and assist. His basketball IQ is the best in the league. He makes everyone on his team better. He did everything you look for in an MVP and he will make his mark on the championship game in one way or more.

Johnny Stoff: Johnny is a hustler. He is a 1st team all hustle for the second year in a row. He is quick and his stamina seems to be unlimited. He can also get a bucket either from the 3 point line or drive right into the teeth of the D. His signature shot is his pull up jumper from the free throw line. Johnny might not be the biggest guy out there but he can rebound with big men. Watch out for Johnny in this game.

Chris Stoff: After seeing how close Chris came to winning last year it is hard to believe that he won't be locked into this game. Chris almost exclusively gets his points from 3 but Chris’ biggest strength is his court vision. He can find the open man or the mismatch every time down the court. He can torture defensives even when he isn’t the one shooting.

Advantage: Split


Forwards: Mike Melady Nate V VS Mike Lauer Mike Geositis

Mike Melady: Mike makes his impact silently. He consistently gets boards and sets picks. Defenses are so focused on the scoring ability of the guards that before they can realize mike hits a 3 or has a wide-open layup. Mike is a very solid basketball player.

Nate V: Nate is a tall athletic big man. He scores the least out of all the starters, but he can find a bucket occasionally. Nate rebounds with the best of the league and his d is very solid as well. Just like Mike, Nate is a very solid basketball player

Mike Lauer: Fan favorite Mike Lauer is also entertaining to watch play. He loves the 3 point shot and there is a 100% guarantee he is going to have at least one 3 point shot attempted. Like Chris Mac, Lauer has a solid basketball IQ and helps others around him. What players don’t realize about Lauer is that he is an exceptional defender. Lauer was tops in the league in the defensive categories and elite league scores seem to struggle against him.

Mike Geosits: Geosits can simply be described as the best defender in the league. He was defensive player of the year and honestly it was not even close. He locks down everyone who he guards. He shut down ROY Bryant Eng to his worst game of his season. Geosits gets his points here and there but his impact is made on the defensive end.

Advantage: Navy


Bench: Gabe Legido, Steve Minuto, Paolo Gambaro vs Chaz Michaels Kyle Delone

Gabe Legido: coming off the bench is a player who adds to Teals depth of good guards. Gabe is a pass first mentality player, but he will shot when the opportunity presents itself. He can drive and shoot mid-range and 3 pointers. He hustles and goes all out. He wants the W and will do anything for it. Gabe’s biggest strength is his defense. He came up just short to making the all-defense team but don’t think he can’t lock you up on D. Gabe has guarded the league's elite scorers and did a very solid job.

Steve Minuto: Steve is a very underrated piece of Teal’s team. Defenders frequently disrespect Steve by giving him to much space to shoot. Well, that is clearly a mistake because Steve can shoot. He has hit clutch 3’s for Teal all season and he could absolutely do it in the championship

Paolo Gambaro: an impactful force off the bench. Paolo is the man. He can hit the 3 ball when given an open shot but his hustle is what makes the greatest impact. He hustles for every rebound and he never stops.

Chaz Michaels: Chaz could be a starter for Navy but he makes a greater impact off the bench. Chaz is a big dude and gets rebounds easily. Some of his shots can be wild and off the mark but his consistent offensive rebounding helps him get the bucket.

Kyle Delone: Kyle brings energy to Navy. He is the spark plug. Sparky brings an elite amount of hustle when he is on the court. His plus minus was among the tops in the league. He plays a psychological game. He is loud and will get into the opponent’s head. He did it against Baby blue causing major frustration. Even if you are not at Houston for the championship you still might have a chance of hearing Delone screaming to get in the heads of the other team or just cheering his teammates on.

Advantage Teal´╗┐´╗┐



Stank Navy 62-58

Cherry: Teal 62-60

Tom : Teal 58-50

Jimmy: Navy 58-57

Q: Navy 56-52

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